All that you should know about Townsville

When most people think of Townsville, the first things that come to their mind is mining, humidity, and Barrier Reef. However, there are other many things that you didn’t know about this beautiful city. Here are some of the things that you need to know about Townsville.

Holds a world Guinness Record

Townsville holds a record of having the longest horns in the world. The famous worlds region Texas Longhorn Steer named JR was certified by the Guinness World Records in 2011 for having the longest horns when measured from tip to tip of all the cattle in the whole world.

When you tour Townsville, you will have a privilege to visit the Texas Longhorn Wagon where you can take a traditional wagon tour into the Leighton Park and JR’s home and get to see very many Horseshoe B Longhorns and the largest heard of Texas longhorn cattle in Australia.

World’s Largest Living Coral Reef Aquarium

Townsville is home to the world’s largest living Coral reef aquarium. You can have the best experience of the Great Barrier without being wet. It is an exciting moment that you cannot afford to miss when you visit this remarkable city.


Townsville has an average of 300 sunny days in a year. This city is located in the dry tropical region of Queensland. This means if you want to visit this place you need to have serious sunscreen. It also guarantees you of perfect beach weather almost all around the year. You can also enjoy the water and all that is in that environment. The city also has a fascinating strand esplanade district.

Kissing Point Fort

This fort has been turned into a lovely place for the community to enjoy. It has walking tracks and a viewpoint for the magnetic island and the Cleveland Bay. There is also a military buffs history, whereby there are plenty of old guns, tunnels, and replacement bunkers.

Magnetic Island

The coastline has been brutal to ships over the years. When you visit the place, you can see one of the world’s ten best wreck dives from the magnetic island. Most tourists go underwater to see the famed wreck of the SS Yongala up close.

It is located in World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which sank during the Cyclone in 1911. The dive site is on the sandy bottom of the ocean, and it is 28 meters deep. This place has become the best place for marine life and coral. It also has the eagle, gropers, and manta rays, sea snakes, turtle and more.

City Lane

This is the newly opened laneway in Townsville city center that lane makes the city more safe for walking especially after enjoying yourself. This is because the city has fancy bars and eateries including the Paleo Cafe.